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(Washington, DC) Bruce McLaughlin, the prominent Northern Virginia-based attorney, and former Army JAG officer has signed for exclusive representation with Allen Media Strategies, one of the nation’s leading media, marketing, and public relations firms.

McLaughlin first came to national attention when he was accused during a bitter divorce battle of sexually abusing his young children. He steadfastly maintained his innocence but was convicted in 1998 after a lurid headline-grabbing court trial, surrendered his law license, and was sentenced to 13 years behind bars.

In 2000, the Virginia Department of Social Services determined that the abuse accusations were unfounded. A new trial was ordered when it was determined by a judge that McLaughlin’s attorneys failed to present crucial evidence that would have helped his defense, and medical and psychological experts concluded that his children had been ‘coached’ to incorporate into their memories things that had been suggested to them that never happened. McLaughlin was eventually found not guilty of all charges and released from prison after serving over four years in prison. He sued his former attorneys for legal malpractice (and won), regained his license to practice law, was named one of his county’s best lawyers, and most importantly repaired his relationship with his children.

McLaughlin’s story was profiled by ABC News Primetime Live, the Washington Post, The Washington Times,, and many other leading national media outlets.  His new book about the experience “He Said, She Said” is due for release this spring and McLaughlin has pledged to donate a significant portion of the profits from the book sales to organizations that help those wrongly convicted in the court system prove their innocence. He is trying to publicize the issue of S.A.I.D (sexual allegations in divorce) cases to help those wrongfully convicted and those currently charged with false abuse allegations in custody/divorce situations.

“Bruce is very brave to relive this chapter of his life publicly. His now-adult children support him in his efforts and we’re proud to represent him and his work to help those wrongly convicted of crimes seek justice,” said Allen Media Strategies founder and CEO Burke Allen. Allen Media Strategies is pursuing opportunities to have the book optioned as a documentary or film project with streaming and traditional media platforms. More information is available at