It is a parent’s worst nightmare. The police bursting into your suburban home, accosting you in bed, arresting you, and hauling you off to jail. All while your 10-year-old son watches from the shadows in terror.

Bruce McLaughlin lived through this nightmare in May of 1998. He was booked that night on charges of abusing his children—falsely accused by his wife amid an emotionally charged divorce that had already permanently shattered and scarred their family.

“He Said She S.A.I.D was a riveting account of a man who has persevered through the most difficult of situations. The suspense I felt after finishing each chapter made this book a real page-turner. Being an empath myself, I could really feel Bruce’s pain, as he descriptively portrayed his emotions while he was unjustly incarcerated. Bruce’s story is a compelling testament of the love he has for his family and the determination he displayed, which resulted in the reconciliation with his children”.
– Bruce Reikow


In this first-hand account of the months and years that followed that night, Bruce shares his confusion, fear, rage, and indignation as he was booked, tried, convicted, and jailed for an abhorrent crime he did not commit. Even as an attorney, Bruce found himself ill-prepared for the challenges he faced in proving his innocence, restoring his reputation, and rebuilding a life.

Bruce McLaughlin’s story is a cautionary tale for any parent contemplating divorce. “More than 80% of abuse accusations leveled amid divorce proceedings,” he warns, “prove to be false.” Now an advocate for those falsely accused, Bruce’s experiences, insights, and advice are required reading for any parent contemplating divorce. ”You have to go into the process prepared and with your eyes wide open. I did neither.”

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Tonight, is the anniversary of the evening my life was forever changed. It was in 1996 that the police burst into my home while I was sleeping and arrested and handcuffed me—all while my 10-year-old son was watching wide-eyed in terror.

Now, 25 years later, there are so many emotions tied to this fateful day. I still remember the surprise, the fear, the anxiety, and the rage I felt at being hauled off to jail for a crime I did not commit. I am thankfully now at peace with the tragedy of being falsely accused, arrested, and incarcerated. I am saddened by the lasting impact this turn of events has had on my four children. And I am still amazed that I was able to exonerate myself—after 4 long years. But, mostly, I am grateful for the opportunity I have now as a man, as a father, and as an attorney to help others understand the peril and to avoid the trap of false accusations made during divorce proceedings. That is the reason I chose to share my story. Hope for a better future for parents and their children.

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Bruce W. McLaughlin is a proud retired Army JAG officer and an attorney who runs his own law firm in Leesburg, Virginia.

As a criminal defense attorney falsely accused and jailed during an emotionally charged divorce, McLaughlin found himself ill-prepared for the challenges to proving his innocence. “More than 80% of abuse accusations leveled amid divorce proceedings prove to be false,” McLaughlin has since learned. He was one of the very, very few with the expertise, resources, and network necessary to eventually overturn his conviction—after spending 4 years in jail for an abhorrent crime he did not commit. Bruce’s eventual redemption allowed him to restore his law license, reputation, and life. He continues to rebuild his relationship with his four children.
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“Betrayed by his wife, his children, his church, his lawyers, Child Protective Services, the Commonwealth Attorney…the list is long, the truth is heartbreaking and it is almost too hard to believe. I read this book in record time and in pure amazement.”  Read More

— Theresa Z. Blumberg

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More than 80% of abuse accusations leveled in divorce proceedings prove to be false.

You have to go into the process prepared and with your eyes wide open. I did neither.