Barbara Ingrassia

Certified Copyright Professional

“He S.A.I.D. She Said is a sobering commentary on a deeply flawed criminal justice system—in the United States—in recent times, and how one man waded through it. The author describes it as “Part memoir. Part thriller. Part horror story.” The topic: Sexual allegations in divorce (S.A.I.D.) is timely. The author is an attorney who relied on faith, hope, and perseverance to triumph over seemingly insurmountable odds. It’s frightening to realize how the average layperson would have no chance to prevail in such a system. It serves as a valuable resource and case study. As memoir, thriller, horror story, detailed case study, and resource, it appeals to a wide audience.”

Dave Semovoski

A powerful story of someone accused of sexual abuse who is wronged by the same system he makes a living from. The story gripped me from the start and held my interest throughout. I’m not sure if was intrigued or angry at how someone could spend 4 years in prison for a crime they did not commit. I would highly recommend this book to anyone.

Esther Craig

4.5 to 5 stars. I think this is a taboo topic more relevant to our times with the high divorce rate in our culture. I believe that it is an incorrect assumption that when someone is accused, they are guilty no matter what. This story got my dander up more than once over the mishandling from the author’s own attorneys. There were times I could not put this book down and other times I needed a break because I felt so helpless for the author. We all need to be educated on this topic, the justice system, and how to keep children off of the chessboard because they are human beings and not pawns. This is a tragic story that by the grace of God has some hope in the end. I highly recommend this book.

Theresa Z. Blumberg

 Betrayed by his wife, his children, his church, his lawyers, Child Protective Services, the Commonwealth Attorney…the list is long, the truth is heartbreaking and it is almost too hard to believe.

Unputdownable! I read this book in record time and in pure amazement of Bruce’s perseverance in the face of false allegations, false arrest, costly yet incompetent representation, years of wrongful imprisonment, loss of his children’s love and childhoods, and inadequate compensation for the malpractice of his attorneys. Equally impressive is his faith that guided him through every adversity he endured and his assistance to fellow inmates.  I was floored by the measures his wife took to alienate their children from a very loving and engaged father. Equally disturbing is the collusion of his wife’s church leadership in perpetuating her lies, the unrelenting vengeance and illegal maneuvers of the prosecutor, the inequities in the Child Protective Services…as I said, the list is long. At one point I began wondering myself if this could possibly be true and happening to a very competent lawyer and businessman, but the evidence of his innocence is there and rings true. Bruce ultimately prevailed through his unshakeable faith, the support of his amazing mother and friends, and at long last, lawyers and experts who provided competent representation and explanations that exonerate him.

This is a fascinating read from several perspectives. It’s his story, it’s his horror story, it’s his love story, it’s his courage story, it’s his perseverance story, and it’s his resilience story. The twists and turns along the way never ceased to amaze me…even his Mother is arrested at which point I wrote “Wow!” in the margin.

As an attorney, I was amazed and dismayed by the criminal and civil justice systems in Virginia. As a mother, I was amazed how a woman could twist her children’s minds against a loving father in such a pernicious way. As a human being, I was both amazed by how Bruce handled this mistreatment and inspired by how he handled this mistreatment.

Should anyone ever be wrongfully accused of sexual abuse in the course of a divorce, this is a must-read. More than that, it is a fascinating and fast read about a family torn apart that is now working hard to reconstruct their lives.