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Shining a Light on a Hidden Social Injustice 

Bruce McLaughlin is an accomplished lawyer with a practice in historic downtown Leesburg, VA, where he specializes in criminal defense, business law, estate planning, and personal injury as well as championing the cause of the falsely accused. Before his own false arrest, Bruce was a corporate contract negotiator for Honeywell, Boeing, and TRW, all Fortune 100 companies. His public speaking engagements included a nationally recognized series on Negotiating to Win as well as Practical Law for Business. He has also traveled the world as a US Army Contracts Instructor to train officers on how to comply with the federal government’s contracting regulations.

An engaging speaker, Bruce discusses recent cases that highlight the pitfalls of entering divorce proceedings ill-prepared. He shares his thoughts on how this alarming trend can be reversed.

Bruce McLaughlin

Bruce creates an emotional and relevant connection with audiences that helps drive growth, build leaders, and transform organizational cultures of trust well beyond his programs.

Protecting Yourself in the #MeToo Era.

The #MeToo movement was too long in coming, and Bruce applauds that women have a greater voice in our society. And, he is among the first to say that true and proven allegations deserve to be treated seriously. But the reality is that false allegations are frequently made to win a legal battle or custody of the children—or simply to get revenge. Bruce offers practical, real-world tips on how to protect yourself without undermining the human rights of all involved.

A Left Turn into Darkness and Ultimate Redemption.

Bruce recounts the details of his false arrest, trial, conviction, attempted escape, and jail time with remarkable aplomb, a deep humility, and unexpected humor. He credits his eventual release and ability to rebuild his life to his family and to his faith. His story is one that inspires a renewed sense of justice and a belief in miracles

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Bruce’s programs have impacted hundreds of organizations in healthcare, financial services, manufacturing, and technology.

He Said, She S.a.i.d

“Bruce’s story of injustice and eventual redemption is a cautionary tale for any parent contemplating divorce.”
—Seth G.

It is a parent’s worst nightmare. The police bursting into your suburban home, accosting you in bed, arresting you, and hauling you off to jail. All while your 10-year-old son watches from the shadows in terror.

Bruce McLaughlin lived through this nightmare in May of 1998. He was booked that night on charges of abusing his children—falsely accused by his wife amid an emotionally charged divorce that had already permanently shattered and scarred their family.

Paperback: 400 pages
Publisher: AlphaGraphics Loudoun (2020)
ISBN: 978-1-7347834-0-7

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